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Апдейт к посту про Martha Hawes

Извиняюсь, только на английском

Просто выношу наверх апдейт к посту про Martha Hawes.

Огромное спасибо pa111e1.



В статье есть её снимки. Ей было 48 лет на момент начала лечения. Ссылка взята отсюда:

Martha Hawes, author of Scoliosis and the Human Spine, also reports successful treatment of spinal curvature without bracing or surgery despite dire warnings from her orthopedist regarding the need for surgery to prevent her curves from increasing. Her experience is documented in the Spring, 2002 National Scoliosis Foundation newsletter, The Spinal Connection. The article to read is "Improved Chest Expansion in Idiopathic Scoliosis After Intensive Multiple Modality Non Surgical Treatment in an Adult" by Dr. Martha C. Hawes. PhD. and William J, Brooks, DO. (To download the newsletter you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer).

Dr. Hawes is a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona who reduced her curves using a combination of exercise-based mobilization therapies' in partnership with her osteopathic physician. She reports her thoracic curve went from from 47 to 28 degrees, and her lumbar curve from 26 to 13 degrees - all without the use of braces or surgery. You can see before and after pictures of her back in The Spinal Connection article noted above.

Описание терапии:



Там же описывается случай излечения психосоматического сколиоза у взрослой женщины.

Подробнее можно почитать
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