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Знаменитости - с фото

Alexandra Marinescu (Olympic Gymnast)
Catherine Oxenberg (Actress and Model)
Carmen Lynch--Comedian
Chloe Sevigny (Actress)
Daryl Hannah - Actress
Dudley Hart--Professional Golf Player
Elizabeth Taylor (Actress)
Gillian McKeith - TV Presenter - Nutritionist
Isabella Rossellini - Actress/Model
James Blake--Tennis Player
Janet Evans (Olympic Swimmer)
Jenny Thompson--Olympic Swimmer
Jessica Andrews (Country Singer)
John Lydon--Lead singer of Sex Pistols
Jo Beth Williams (Actress)
Jon Olson (Olsen) (Olympic Swimmer)
Jeanette Lee (Professional Pool Player)
Jillian Weise (Actress)
Karrie Web--Professional Golfer
Kurt Cobain--Musician
Laura Dern--Actress
Linda Blair--Actress
Liza Minnelli (Actress)
Lisa Howard--Actress
Michael McCary (Boyz II Men)
Melanie Blatt (Singer, All Saints)
Rene Russo (Actress)
Rowena Wallace--Actress
Robert Loudermilk (Tennessee Football Player)
Sarah Michelle Geller (Sarah Michelle Gellar - Actress/Model)
Sarah Polley (Actress)
Yo-Yo Ma (Cellist)
Princess Eugenie - принцесса Евгения, внучка Елизаветы II:

Лихтенберг, Георг Кристоф (нем. Lichtenberg, 1742—1799) - выдающийся немецкий учёный и публицист; род. в 1742. г. близ Дармштадта в семье деревенского пастора.
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