July 20th, 2019


Cell phone radiation does, indeed, have adverse health effects

All of your personal electronic devices emit (laptops, cell phones, tablets etc.) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that are comprised of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), Radio Frequencies (RF, Wi-fi, data etc.) and Thermal Radiation (heat), all of which are potentially harmful. Gamma Rays, X-Rays and UV are also types of EMR.

https://www.safesleevecases.com/pages/cell-phone-radiation-education?fbclid=IwAR3lsDbR7VDhrzs4UVXty-AZMcDifCF5Q8Uf3fykMaOmaG4TT6TpDlPptYw Collapse )