Healthy_back (healthy_back) wrote,

Интересные книги

Книги на почитать:

The Neurobiology of Orthodontics - treatment of malocclusion through neuroplasticity - Margaritis Z. Pimenidis

Differential Diagnosis and Management for The Chiropractor. Protocols and Algorithms - Thromas A. Sousa

Занимательная механика

Physical Medicine. Rehabilitation. Priciples and Practice

Adaptability of Human Gait. Implications for the Control of Locomotion

Neurological Rehabilitation. Optimizing Motor Perfomance

Handbook of Clinical Neurology

Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control in Joint Stability

Handbook of Balance Function Testing

The Biomedical Engineering

Energetics of Human Activity

Neurologic Rehabilitation: A Guide to Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment Planning

Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology of Motor Development
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