Healthy_back (healthy_back) wrote,

Безграмотность подхода "достаточно взять себя в руки и..." изменить питание, двигательный стереотип.

Пока не забыл, вынесу отдельным постом:

Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Depression

про "осознание":
"Unfortunately, one of the more frustrating aspects of working within the corporate health and wellness industry, is that there are a large number of people (perhaps even the majority), who genuinely believe that people can have conscious control over habitual thinking patterns… If your mind is off-track with stress, anger, generalised anxiety, and/or depression, one can focus themselves enough to consciously change their thinking, simply by recognising and interrupting these thoughts.

Whilst individuals may be able to consciously do this in the short-term, such a strategy is very resource heavy and if those resources are not available, then this strategy is destined to fail in the longer term. Perhaps if individuals are able to consciously change the interaction between their gut bacteria, gut mucosa, and brain, and reduce their inflammation levels, then thinking happy thoughts might stand a better chance of working."
Tags: Культура, Неврология, Психосоматика, Фармакология

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