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Причины проблем с пищеварением

Вот не хотел постить опять про прививки, но крутится в голове тема второй день.

Те, кто читал пост про палеодиету, знает уже о пищевых аллергиях и непереносимостях. Вопрос "откуда ЭТО взялось у меня" — риторический. Всегда. Одна из теорий:
— рано в детстве начали кормить взрослой пищей
— много аллергена съел на каком-то этапе жизни

Другая теория происхождения таких проблем никогда не будет озвучена и, соответственно, научно изучена, потому что связана с прививками, а эта тема — табу.

Только на английском. Совсем коротко: после прививок Гардасилом появляются множественные аутоиммунные реакции и проблемы с пищеварением как раз в виде непереносимости разных широко распространённых продуктов типа глютена.
My elbows are the biggest problem as they prevent me from working. Therefore I have spent all my time trying to find a solution for the pain I am experiencing in my elbows.
But in the meantime I have also had the following side effects:

- Swelling and tenderness at the area where I received my first two vaccinations
- Headache
- Neck problems
- Stomach cramps
- Dizziness
- Failing memory, getting mixed up with my words, difficulty concentrating
- My head would be covered in red spots after my bath
- My whole body would feel tender
- Fatigue
- Insomnia
- Visual disturbances
- Out of breath
- Weight loss

My knee has also just started to cause me problems, but not so much – yet!
Since November 2013, my hips/groin started to get every bit as painful as my elbows. This has made any walking I try to do much more difficult for me and this was the only exercise I was capable of before these additional pains started.
I do discuss my health problems with my boyfriend and my parents and naturally chat with my close friends and with all the doctors I have had to meet since I became sick. There are times I naturally do not want to speak about this too often but when I became aware of other girls experiencing similar side effects after HPV vaccination, it all made sense to me!

After being advised to have a Vega test, which I did in February of this year, the practitioner could see many imbalances in my body. I had become intolerant to gluten, lactose, beef, pork and I must not drink alcohol.

So to try and make me feel better I only eat organic food; I include meat, fish and chicken in my diet. I also take these supplements to help improve my health: Genacol, D3, Mega B- Stress, E, Zinc, Progesterone D4, liver oil, CBD oil and chlorella.

I have NEVER been intolerant of any foods until this became apparent after being vaccinated.

The last time I was checked by my doctor, everything seemed to be normal – of course that medical check was taken before I received the HPV vaccinations. So something pretty significant must have occurred to change my eating habits from being able to eat everything to having to exclude foods which normally had never affected me. And like so many the only significant change in my lifestyle was having the Gardasil vaccine.
The reason Karina had this vaccination at an older age was because our central government, with effect from 27th August 2012, introduced a temporary vaccination scheme which meant that the HPV vaccine was free for girls born between 1st January 1985 to December 1992. We thought we were doing this in her best interests to prevent her from possibly developing cervical cancer – oh if only we had known that what we believed would protect her, was going to cause her to have such serious health issues. Prior to being vaccinated, Karina was a very healthy young lady – her medical records can testify to that.

Karina had her first shot of Gardasil on 30th August 2012. She had a lot of pain in her arm for about a month but we just took it for granted that this was a common side effect and was harmless. Also about a month later she had a bad week with vomiting and stomach aches. Again we did not connect this to the vaccine.

About two weeks before she should have had the second shot, she had very severe pain in her groin. It got worse and she went to see her doctor to get some help. He took a urine test which showed bacteria and blood and put her on to antibiotics. The next day she got her second shot and an hour after vaccination she was admitted to Hvidovre Hospital with a high temperature which just kept rising. Karina was still having problems in her groin area and some of her lymph nodes were still badly swollen. Her urine was cultured but the results came back negative but blood was still present in this sample and every urine test she had over the next 3-4 months.

The hospital knew that Karina had just had her second vaccination of Gardasil, but the doctors denied that the vaccine had anything to do with this health issue she was experiencing. They put her onto another course of antibiotics even although there were no bacteria found in her blood. Her health just got worse from this point on and her temperature had risen to 40 degrees Celsius. By this time, Karina had also developed a serious rash which the hospital said was a reaction to the antibiotic. I now know a lot more than I did then and we are quite certain that the rash was as a result of her being given antibiotics and the vaccine at the same time. Her body was struggling after getting the second vaccine and then she was given an additional poison to add to her health problems. Then the vomiting started while she was still in hospital and she could not keep anything down and she really was a very sick girl and I was so afraid I was not going to get her home again.

Then new symptoms started to occur, Karina’s left leg started to hurt more and more, her foot kept swelling up and her ankle joints and knee were swollen also and very painful. They scanned her lymph nodes which were the size of chestnuts and this caused the hospital officials a lot of concern as they wondered whether Karina had cancer. So she had to undergo a full body scan with a radioactive liquid and three pelvic examinations but all results were normal for which we are ever so thankful. Again and again we asked if the HPV vaccine could have had something to do with all of Karina’s health problems and like everyone else who asks this question, we got exactly the same answer …’there is no connection with the HPV vaccine’.

It was at Hvidovre Hospital that they carried out a biopsy of her lymph nodes and the result came back negative. The swelling in her groin started to come down but Karina can still feel the glands and knows that the problem has not been resolved.
Karina was then transferred to Glostrup hospital to see if she had any form of rheumatism, again these tests came back negative. So at this time we were no further forward in knowing what was making our daughter so ill.

Then finally in November 2013 we had an official diagnosis – she was diagnosed as having POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Tests were carried out because she was experiencing strong heartbeats as if her heart was trying to get out of her chest. She was very dizzy and had very bad headaches 24 hours a day and in addition was very nauseous and could not keep anything down.

Karina has been very ill and weak since her second vaccination and this is a list of the side effects she has been experiencing and that is why we made the decision not to let her have the third shot of Gardasil, this was our decision, not the doctor’s.
Swollen glands (neck, armpit, and groin)

- Joint pain
- Headache (24 hour every day)
- Unusual tiredness, weakness
- Tension and pain in neck and back
- Generally feeling unwell
- Leg and arm pains
- Shortness of breath
- Chest pain
- Aching muscles
- Abdominal pains, almost every day
- Bleeding or bruising more easily than normal
- Pain in her stomach, side, or abdomen, possibly radiating to the back
- Increased hunger
- Muscle weakness, sudden and progressing
- Hair loss, thinning of hair
- Muscle pain or stiffness
- Sleeplessness
- Difficulty remembering and concentrating; Forgetfulness
[SaneVax: There has been a global explosion of autoimmune disorders since the introduction of HPV vaccines in 2006. Worldwide, health authorities would like people to believe these disorders are psychosomatic. Scientists do not necessarily agree. Does the following article shed some light on the subject?]

Study Reveals “Unavoidable” Danger of HPV Vaccines By Sayer Ji, Founder of GreenMedInfo
HPV Vaccines: Informed Choice?

A new review published in Autoimmunity Reviews titled, “On the relationship between human papilloma virus vaccine and autoimmune disease,” is destined to reopen the controversy surrounding numerous reports of HPV vaccine-induced harm that have surfaced ever since their widespread use, beginning with the FDA’s 2006 approval of Merck & Co.’s Gardasil.[i]

The study points out, “Along with the introduction of the HPV vaccines, several cases of onset or exacerbations of autoimmune diseases following the vaccine shot have been reported in the literature and pharmacovigilance databases, triggering concerns about its safety.”

Following an extensive review of the biomedical literature, they listed conditions in which HPV vaccination is most likely linked to the development of autoimmune diseases (with qualification that they are only raising possible links and not fully confirmed ones), including:

- Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and other demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system
- Multiple sclerosis (MS)
- Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS)
- Primary ovarian failure (POF)
- IgA bullosus dermatitis
- Henoch-Schonlein purpura
- Cutaneous vasculitis
- Kikuch-Fujimoto disease
- Erythema multiforme
- Acute cerebral ataxia
- Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
The International Symposium on the adverse reactions experienced by girls who have been vaccinated by Human Papillomavirus vaccines and subsequent events which took place in Tokyo on February 25th and 26th have sparked a high-profile debate over HPV vaccine safety, efficacy and need.

The Researchers’ Organization Sounding a Warning concerning the Adverse Reactions induced by Human Papillomavirus Vaccines, led by Dr. Harumi Sakai, a former professor of Tokai University, School of Medicine and a former leader at the immunochemical research team at Texas University, Galveston, reported that Sin Hang Lee, MD, former Associate Professor at Yale University and currently pathologist of Milford Hospital, Dr. Francois Jerome Authier, MD, a professor at Universite Paris XII and a doctor at Systeme Hospital Henri Mondor de Paris, and research fellow Lucija Tomljenovic, a PhD from the University of British Columbia, presented evidence regarding the risks involved with HPV vaccines during the symposium, two press conferences and a government-sponsored public hearing on February 26th.

The public hearing was attended by eight medical academic members of the Japanese government’s Advisory Council on the Alleged Adverse Reactions to HPV Vaccines, several top-ranking Health Ministry bureaucrats, medical doctors and journalists from the nation’s major newspapers and television networks.

The non-Japanese academics and Dr. Sakai presented scientific data supporting several biologically plausible mechanisms of action by which HPV vaccines could cause devastating autoimmune and auto-inflammatory conditions whose symptoms are identical to those reported by HPV vaccine recipients in Japan and around the world.

Brief Synopsis of Scientific/Medical Evidence Presented:
Dr. Sin Hang Lee – HPV L-1 Gene DNA in Gardasil and Its Potential Effects
Dr. Jerome Authier – Biopersistance and Neuro migration of Particles after Intramuscular Injection – Impact of long-term safety of aluminum adjuvants
Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD – Three Deaths Following Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Coincidence?

Dr. Mirna Hajjar - A 16-Year-Old Girl With Bilateral Visual Loss and Left Hemiparesis Following an Immunization Against Human Papilloma Virus – case report.

Dr. Lee noted that no scientists at the Feb. 26 public hearing — at which he reported his detections of HPV DNA fragments in 16 unopened vials of Gardasil sent to Milford Medical Laboratory Inc. from nine countries and in the postmortem blood and spleen samples obtained at the autopsy of the 18-year-old New Zealand girl who died after Gardasil vaccination — could raise their hands when he asked them to do so if they believe that psychosomatic reactions can cause sudden unexpected death in sleep among young girls or cause the clearly visible lesions captured with the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method as well as the histopathology lesions reported in patients of post-Gardasil acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) and multiple sclerosis.

When Dr. Lee referred to the lesions demonstrated by the MRI method and by the pathological photographic evidence of inflammation in the brain of a 16-year-old Connecticut girl who has lost her vision completely since the 10th day from her second Gardasil shot in 2007, he was speaking on behalf of the treating physician, Dr. Mirna Hajjar who was also present among the audience at the Tokyo public hearing.

This previously healthy girl, the patient, presented to the emergency room in 2007 with an acute onset of visual loss over 48 hours and left hemiparesis. She “was found to have both a tumefactive demyelinating lesion and chiasmal neuritis as part of a presentation of acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis,” according to the medical report that was published on the March 2010 issue of the Journal of Child Neurology (Vol.25, pages 321-327.)
I received all Gardasil shots in 6th grade. I also had the last MFR (MMR in the United States) vaccine with the first shot of Gardasil. I had no concerns about receiving Gardasil, as the authorities encouraged me to be vaccinated in the many campaigns that were circulated at that time. I was not aware of any other girls in Denmark having a serious reaction to the Gardasil vaccine and as I was not informed that there could be a risk by the nurse doing the vaccination, I went ahead and had the three shots.

Already in December I was throwing up and felt seasick. I also had trouble in particular with one of my ears; suddenly I could not hear anything for a week. It was also at that time my headaches started. I didn’t think that it had anything to do with the vaccine. We just assumed that it was some kind of virus.


Suddenly, all kinds of illnesses started to trouble me. I had pain and cramps in my stomach every day. I felt I could not eat anything for a period of 3-4 months. I also started to feel very nauseous every day. At that time, I did not even think there could be a connection with Gardasil. I had 35 days off from school but most of the time I tried to ignore the headaches and stomach pains as best I could in the hope that the symptoms I was experiencing would disappear somehow.

My mother accidentally heard about a girl in the news, who suffered with adverse reactions from the Gardasil vaccine. It did not take her long to find out that there were other girls who were experiencing adverse reactions to the vaccine and these girls were suffering from very similar health issues to mine.

She called our doctor and spoke with her about it. But the doctor would not hear about it at all. She said: “There are no such side effects.”

My mother got in touch with another Danish mother who had been on the news and we are now 100% certain that all my adverse reactions are because of the vaccine.

We didn’t feel that the doctor could help, as she didn’t think anything was wrong with me after taking a lot of blood tests which didn’t show anything.

My mother and I joined a Facebook group (HPV adverse reactions) where we got a lot of hints from the other girls of how we could make changes to try and get better. We changed my diet to eliminate food with lactose and gluten. I also have been having treatment by a homeopath but still feel very weak and am not able as yet to play handball.

Genacol Bio-active Collagen Matrix Capsules (180 capsules)
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