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Adult Palate Expansion

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в последний момент я переметнулась в альтернативную медицину: ALF (, упражнения Бутейко и orofacial myology.

Можно начать с apnea-aware orthodontia, Dr. Stacey Quo в Пало Альто. Dr.Bronson, по-моему он в Bethesda. У него есть сайт ( (
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UPD 02/06/2021: Этот парень был очень активен, сватая это AGGA во всему Интернету 2-3 года назад, и до сих пор его фотографии вываливаются на все поиски этого устройства как пример успешного применения. Это его ресурсы и Сейчас выснилось, что после применения AGGA он получил рецессию кости, и рассказывает об этом на


Вот его предупреждение:

Traditional Acrylic Expanders - Their Construction

In his book Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth, Dr. Kent Lauson calls the expander used on my maxilla a "3-Way Sagittal Appliance" (p. 165). A similar appliance was made for my lower teeth as well.

Dr. Lauson declares this appliance to be "the most powerful orthopedic appliance in existence" (p. 166). As we will see, this is definitely not true.

Both appliances have a metal skeleton overlayed with acrylic. They are worn at all times, including sleep and while eating. They are only removed for cleaning (after each meal).

Because they are removable, these appliances are easy to expand by the user, which is what made my remote treatment possible. During this treatment, my orthodontist was in Colorado and I was in Massachusetts.

The appliances are expanded by inserting a special key into the expansion jackscrews and turning. Every jackscrew is expanded 1/4mm per week, which is 1 key turn. In the orthodontic community, this is referred to as "slow" as opposed to "rapid" palatal expansion. During rapid palatal expansion, the jackscrew is expanded as much as 1mm per week (4 times faster).

The optimal rate of expansion using these appliances is a matter of ongoing debate in the orthodontic community, but on Dr. Lauson holds the opinion that "slow palatal expansion (only about one activation of 1/4 millimeter per week) is the most physiologic and ideal stimulation for midface/palatal expansion" (p.197).

Traditional Palate Expanders - How They Work

These appliances work by applying a constant pressure to the gums at the base of the teeth. The idea is by spreading the palate with this force, the mid palatal suture will be stimulated to grow, making the palate wider.


Dr. Lauson declares that "slow activation stimulates the differentiation of stem cells located within the sutures to form osteoblasts, leading to true bone formation" (p. 197).

As for the lower jaw, to this day I do not understand the rationale behind expanding it with a sagittal appliance, as was attempted on me. There are no sutures in the mandible that can be expanded. And as you will see, all that the sagittal appliance was able to do for my mandible is cause my teeth to flare.

Symptoms of My Failed Sagittal Expansion:

— Teeth flared in their sockets instead of new bone being created. Rather than sitting directly over my gums, the teeth were obviously tilted at an angle. This means that the all the appliance was doing was forcing teeth out of position, not actually stimulating bone growth.





— Gum/bone loss in some upper molars, caused by the appliance flaring teeth in their sockets.


— Upper inner gums became white with infected soars due to extreme pressure and irritation from the appliances.


— Chewing was painful because my teeth were under constant strain by the appliances.


A Better Option for Adult Palate Expansion

In July 2017, Dr. Leonard Kundel introduced me to what is truly the most powerful expansion device in existence–the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance, also known as the Controlled Arch Device.

This device uses physiological instead of mechanical force to create three dimensional bone growth throughout the jaws and face. The sagittal appliances attempt to use brute mechanical force to pry the jaws bigger.

The Controlled Arch Device takes advantage of the body's natural ability to deposit bone in response to trauma, micro trauma and soft tissue stimulation. It takes advantage of the same mechanism that is at play when a bone is fractured, and the body deposits bone to heal the break.

There is a complex interconnection between the jaws, airway, and neck. So imbalance in one of them leads to a cycle of poor form and function in all of them.

Consider the following statement by Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, a dentist skilled in using the AGGA to treat patients. On page two of her article titled "Born Beautiful: It is Never Too Late,"




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