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Ссылки на разные брекеты

Куча "авторских" брекет-систем, все хвалят свои и критикуют чужие

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UPD 14/09/2018 Кстати, я после беседы со специалистом разочаровался в ALF. Продвижение ALF в англоязычной среде - просто маркетинг. Есть масса других устройств с подобным действием, например Quad Helix. Инвизилайн делает все то же самое, что ALF. Но они не расширяют кость у взрослых, они просто 1) передвигают зубы чуть ближе к внешнему краю челюсти 2) наклоняют зубы кнаружи, создавая некое увеличение внутреннего объема рта. Но это все в районе 5 мм максимум.

Мне лично надо больше, у меня речь идет о сантиметрах, поэтому мне - только дистрактор. И наклонять зубы уже некуда, а то будут как крылья у самолета.

Есть еще устройства типа Дерихсвайлера - они цепляются на задние зубы, на моляры, и потом постепенно начинают раскручивать штангу. Подросткам они могут расширить челюсти, взрослым они выламывают зубы. Поэтому взрослым - только дистракторы не на зубы, а на кость. А это означает хирургическую установку.

Вот здесь есть много приспособ, потом можно просто гуглить по названиям что для чего. Вообще, это во многом религия, вера и личные предпочтения каким устройством пользоваться.

Ссылка на дистракторы: (

Because the very format of studying something from the tiny phone screen does not work. People here do not understand limitations of adult correction, they are just repeating pieces of info they read somewhere else. ALF is heavily promoted in the English-speaking world. This is marketing via social media, that's it. There are many other devices doing the same thing, like Quad Helix or Invisiline. However, they all work by 1) moving your teeth closer to the jaw bone edge 2) tilting the teeth. NONE of them, including the ALF is able to provide real jaw bone expansion, just max 5 millimeters by repositioning the teeth. There is such thing as adult palate expansion, also known as "rapid palate expansion" but it is rapid just for kids. In this case distractors installed surgically, lower jaw needs a cut. Dentist/orthodontist can not do this. This way you can get as many millimeters of expansion as you want. Remember - all law surgeries can damage the nerves that run around the mouth, and it may never grow back, so your lips can stay numb forever. Jaw moving surgery is especially traumatizing.

When I search "MSE by Won Moon", I am getting screw assisted expander for the UPPER JAW ONLY!!! There is no such expander for the lower jaw. Such screw assisted expander indeed can be installed by an dentist, but they are not optimal, as there is danger to damage molars, as happens with Derichsweiler with adults all the time. Expanders for adults should be installed on bones only But the installation should be done by a surgeon, dentist can't do it. So, MSE by Won Moon" expanders do exist, they are chipper and easier to install than Martin expanders, but are more dangerous in terms of side effects in the long run.

Biobloc is for teenagers only. Again there are very high chances that 1) in the best case scenario teeth will be just moved to the side of the jaw bone 2) in the worst case scenario teeth will just fall off their places.

Again, SOME expansion up to 5 mm CAN be achieved with no surgically installed expander. Yes, it can give you a look with diastema. However, 1) you do not know the age of the patient 2) you do not know what appliance was used 3) most often the expansion will be limited to 5 mm, and nothing can be done beyond this.

There are 2 types of jaw surgery 1) moving jaw forward by cutting bone into pieces, repositioning them and securing with screws and rods for the rest of your life 2) surgically installed expanders. They are to be removed after moving teeth with other orthodontic devices. People using phones do not understand the difference. All they can see is "jaw surgery" on the tiny screen.

And the same applies to the expansion: it is really hard to see the difference between "expansion of the arch by repositioning teeth" and "expansion of the arch by expanding the bone", as they all go by "expansion", and there are many sweet promises with easy expansion at any age.

Very few people will tell you the truth. All the dentists you will come to will want to get you as a client. However, they all have established practice of running the business, they use certain devices they used to, they work with 1-2 firms that are actually manufacturing the devices. Most orthos are not familiar with 1) surgical expansion just because they don't do this, it is not part of their business, 2) basically are trained for cosmetic dentistry - to make the smile beautiful. They are NOT trained in theoretical mechanics. Very few are trained in some "jaw expansion", but really do not understand what they are doing. You just can not get a ready treatment plan at one place.

"Are you a doctor? Are you a dentist? Are you a professional? No? Them there is nothing to talk to you about." Over and over from every jerk calling himself "a doctor". And NONE of them will tell the clients that they actually have zero training in basic science. Physics? Newton's laws? Strength of materials? Never heard of these. Just try and see, the body is self-healing system anyway. Ad hominem - what it it?

you are plainly lying that dentists study theoretical mechanics or strength of materials - absolutely necessary for making meaningful job in the field. NONE of them has studied any of these. May be, you are dare to claim that dentists study podiatry? I will tell you the secret - about 50% forces moving the teeth come from feet. No insoles along with dental appliances? - Charlatans.

UPD 07/12/2018
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