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Фолиевая кислота

Although folic acid has become commonplace in most supplements because it is cheaper, more than 50% of the population have a genetic variation preventing them from getting any benefit from folic acid, or converting such a small amount of it to a bioavailable nutrient, leaving it essentially useless. This variation is known as MTHFR.

Some research shows that unabsorbed folic acid in the blood can increase risk of certain cancers.² Folic acid may not be as effective as natural folate in preventing neural tube defects, especially if it is not absorbed.

Furthermore, unmetabolized folic acid in the blood stream is associated with decreased immune function.3 Folic acid is also known to mask vitamin B12 deficiency which can zap your energy.

By contrast to folic acid, methylfolate, or L-methylfolate, is the active, natural form of folate that the human body uses.

Since the body cannot produce folate, it must be obtained through the diet. Folate provided by food is not biologically active, and therefore must be processed by the liver into methylfolate, which is the form your body can use.

Methylated Folate activates, synthesizes, and repairs DNA to support healthy neurological development for everyone. That’s why it ensures optimal neurological development for your baby.

It is free of side effects associated with synthetic folic acid.
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