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The current line of argument is that premolar extractions have NO consequences

A question to all forum members: would anyone be willing to contribute to an article I am writing on the consequences of premolar extractions? The goal for this article is to get medical recognition for premolar extraction syndrome. Once medically recognized and taken seriously, it would mean that 1) reversal strategies such as FAGGA would be reimbursed by health insurance 2) medical research in appliances like FAGGA would ensue (currently no interest) 3) training upcoming orthodontists how to deal with the consequences of premolar extractions (widespead especially among those who has orthondontics in the 1970s-80s in the United States) would be part of orthodontic curricula; and hence the next generation of doctors would be in the "know", and one would not have such a hard time finding one who can do expansion treatment.

The inspiration for this article: I have done extensive research in orthodontic journals and books, and the current line of argument is that premolar extractions have NO consequences. Here below please see a clip from a handbook of orthodontics published in 2010. Only 5% of research articles on premolar extractions recognize that extractions can lead to TMJ, tongue reduction, neck pain, and airway space issues.

This denial explains why so few orthodontists and dentists take the issue seriously or have any idea what to do when faced with a patient "who goes against the handbook."

It also explains why reversal treatment is so expensive (rare) and not covered by health insurance.

What I would need for my article:

--descriptions of symptoms you have experienced due to extractions, and at what age you began noticing these symptoms (anonymous)

--photos (anonymous; eyes blinded) of profile and frontal face, to show changes to profile/lips/jaw-line.

I will be working on this article over the next six months. I am a journalist and professor, who had the extractions, and consequences.

I see lots of patients who post on the web site
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