Healthy_back (healthy_back) wrote,

Снятие спастики (асимметричного напряжения мышц)

Оригинально инфа отсюда, но в принципе много других мест, где ее можно проверить

Нас интересует Baclofen pump (это для очень сильной спастики) и Ботокс. По Ботоксу очень противоречивая информация
No positive radiological or clinical effects were demonstrated by this treatment, except for the parent's initial subjective but positive appraisal of the effect. However, the study was terminated due to 1 possible severe adverse event and scheduled numbers needed to treat (hence power) were not reached.

НО! Не пишут с какой стороны вводили токсин - со сторона выпуклости или вогнутости.
Significant radiological corrective changes were seen in the frontal plane in the thoracic and lumbar spine as well as significant derotational corrective change in the lumbar spine according to Cobb’s angle measurements and to Nash and Moe’s classification, respectively. No serious adverse events were detected at follow-up.
Tags: Методы лечения, Ссылки

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