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Nearly 9% prevalence of scoliosis found in adults more than 40 years old

Blacks had half the rate of whites, but investigators found no link between scoliosis and gender.
By Gina Brockenbrough
1st on the web (November 2, 2007)

November 2007

AUSTIN, Texas — A new study revealed a scoliosis rate of nearly 9% in adults 40 years of age or older and links race and increasing age with the prevalence of the condition.

In an analysis of DEXA scans obtained from 2,973 patients more than 40 years old, investigators discovered an 8.85% incidence of scoliosis. A review of patient demographics showed that this rate increased between the sixth and eighth decades of life with odds ratios of 3.84 and 9.24, respectively.

Investigators also found that blacks had nearly half the prevalence of scoliosis than whites. However, they found that gender was not a factor in the prevalence of the condition.

"Prevalence increased linearly with age," Khaled Kebaish, MD, FRCS, told Orthopedics Today.

"It is more prevalent in whites than in African-Americans. The next step in our research is to interview and examine patients with scoliosis that are identified in this study and attempt to correlate back pain and function with the presence and magnitude of scoliosis," he said.

Kebaish presented the study results at the North American Spine Society 22nd Annual Meeting, held here.

The study included patients older than age 40 and excluded those who had prior lumbar spinal fusion.

The group had an average age of 60.8 years. Roughly 80% were women and 35% were black. Using DEXA scans, the investigators defined scoliosis as a minimum of 11° of curvature in the lumbar spine.

For more information:

* Voros G, Neubauer P, Khoshnevisan M, et al. Prevalence of scoliosis in adults age 40 years and older: A study of 2,973 individuals. Paper #2. Presented at the North American Spine Society 22nd Annual Meeting. Oct. 23-27, 2007. Austin, Texas.

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