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Краниосакральная терапия и Bowen Technique

Повода выложить эти фото не предвидится. Да, я знаю - разное освещение, таз не видно, рентгенов нет, и вообще неизвестно это один человек или нет (хотя, судя по форме правого бока, я всё же думаю, что один). Но подумать есть над чем. Говорят, что это краниосакральная терапия раз в неделю в 2001г, потом - Bowen Technique (астралийская техника). - смотреть полностью, там не только трёп. - для тех, кто хочет учиться.

Оригинал истории:
My daughter Anna was diagnosed with scoliosis in February 2001. We first noticed something was wrong when she constantly complained about a sore neck. We also noticed a difference in the way she was walking. Anna is 13 years old and was told by her specailist that she would eventually require surgery as she was too mature for a brace. Her curvature was 43 degrees right thoracic curve and 24 degrees left lumbar. There was a noticeable increase in her curve after seeing the specailist. At this point I had decided with Anna to try every alternative means possible. The first place I came across was "Raindrop Therapy" a kit especially designed for scoliosis. I started using these oils once a week, giving Anna back massages which not only relaxed her muscles but also we were amazed at how the area where the curve in her back was, was the only area that went hot and angry looking. Hence, their theory that scoliosis could be a virus in the spine. At the same time I gave her the maximum dosage allowed for calcium and magnesium - (Calmax) and she also took homeopathy silica for normalising the bone and Rhus tox for the pain. Instantly we started to see results. I decided to try Anna on bach flowers and EFT to help her emotionally to get through all of this in a positive manner. She responded well. I had heard of cranial/sacral therapy;, a gentle healing done by qualified practioners working on the spinal nervous system. We started this in March 2001 and continue to have it done once a week. The results have been amazing. Her spine is basically straight again. Now its May 2002 we are maintaining her back with the Bowen Technique. They have a treatment specifically for Scoliosis. It has really helped with the hump and the uneven shoulders, and is fantastic for the any pain. I haven't had another xray done on Annas back as she had so many previously, I don't want her exposed to that if its not necessary. We are absolutely delighted in the results and needless to say we were pretty excited about passing this knowledge on to others. I have created this website to help other families going through this. I can remember the feeling of hopelessness after seeing the specailist until I found some alternative therapies on the internet. At once I felt both Anna and I had a part to play in this and we didn't have to stand on the side lines and watch it happen. Very self-empowering. I wish you all the best. I understand not all of these therapies may work in every case of scoliosis, but it is definitely worth the try!


Вообще на Ютюбе много информации выложено по массажным техникам, например, краниосакральная:

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